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A call to arms for Baron and Toluca

The internet was once their rally ground, now a fanbase responsible for birthing the modern fandom campaign movement is mobilizing online once again.

In the late 90s and early 00s, to be a loyal fan to your prescribed TV show of choice, you had to really work for it. And none more so than the fans of Roswell, which aired 1999–2002.

Before social media and on-demand television streaming, fans had to be particularly creative and innovative in their approach to supporting their beloved TV shows. They would rely heavily on promo sneak peeks for upcoming episodes, loyally await their weekly scheduled airing, record the episodes onto VHS tapes for later re-watches, and often read the advance issue of the TV guide’s episode synopsis with fervour. …

Baron and Toluca
Baron and Toluca
Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr; stars of Baron and Toluca

Sometimes it’s not a reboot of an original show that the fans want. Baron and Toluca is proving just how determined a fandom can be to get what they want.

Recently, Brandon Scott at Sci-Fi Bloggers wrote an article covering adaptations — and why so many aren’t fan favorites. The article was mostly centred on book-to-movie adaptations, but the main issue that Brandon absolutely nailed and remains relevant across the board was, “to make audiences happy, to make the book lovers satisfied, arguably the most important aspect is to represent the books as they are.”

The same can be said for re-imaginings and reboots of older TV Shows. Often times, reboots have a hard time picking up original fans as a dedicated audience; mainly due to the expectations the fans have, usually followed by their disappointment that occurs thereafter. It’s a fine line between completely mirroring the former original show, and creating an entirely new one that merely shares the same title. And as Scott said, to keep the fans satisfied, most of the time you need to represent the books (or the original show) as they are. Generating the magic, the chemistry and the essence of a show is what captures the hearts of fans — and to do that, a reboot isn’t always the answer. …

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